GBA Parking Portal


The Georgia Building Authority-GBA provides parking to employees and visitors for the downtown areas surrounding the Georgia State Capitol. This system allows users to register for parking permits, designate lot preference (waitlist), and maintain personal and vehicle information. Links on this page will prompt you to login and will then take you to the requested page.

Personal Information

Keep your account information up-to-date to ensure you receive important communications from GBA. Use this link to update your Address, Email, Phone Numbers or Account Password.

Manage Vehicles

Register all vehicles that will be using your parking permit. Your permit must be displayed in each vehicle you drive and only one vehicle may park in your designated facility each day. Use this link to add, delete, or update the list of vehicles that are authorized to access your designated parking facility.

Manage Waitlist

Place your name on the waitlist for one or more GBA parking facilities. Your position on a waitlist is determined by your last hire date, space availability, and customer selections and can change at any time. Use this link to add, delete, and prioritize your choices for parking waitlists.

Additional links to the GBA Parking Policy, Frequently Asked Questions, a map showing locations of GBA Parking Facilities, Hire Date Correction Assistance, the GBA Website, and additional GBA Parking Services Resources are provided at the bottom of this page.